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Dynamic, HR Dashboard Course

HR practitioners need to embrace Ms Excel, the free software one can use to create statiatics and metrics from raw data and then go on to analyze this data using … Continue reading

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Coaching and Mentoring for University students

It is usually assumed that coaching and mentoring is more for persons in active employment pursuing their careers. While at university, students may begin to be involved in coaching and … Continue reading

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STAR Approach

You are undertaking an interview… written or oral and you are asked an open ended question that requires you to share your key achievement/s on your current or previous job. … Continue reading

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Job Hopping

Changing jobs frequently, especially as a means of quick financial gain or career advancement appears to be trending. Gone are the days when people hang on to their jobs for … Continue reading

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WAR AMONGST GENERATION X, Y, Z and the Baby boomers

One Shoe does not fit all!!! As HR practitioners, the war amongst these generations is here to stay for some time and therefore we have to deal with it. We … Continue reading

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Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced scorecard is a performance management tool that was originated by Drs. Robert Kaplan (Harvard Business School) and David Norton. The tool adds strategic non-financial performance measures to traditional … Continue reading

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Conscious Human Resources

As Human resource professionals, we hold a leadership position and are accountable most of the time. Over the years, I have learnt the hard way and the following guide my … Continue reading

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Performance Evaluation Vs Performance Measurement

These two concepts are used interchangeably and yet they are completely different. Evaluation is more comprehensive than performance measurement. Performance measurement is part of evaluation. Performance measurement mainly deals with … Continue reading

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MOOCs ‘massive open online courses’

This is trending distance learning through an online course that enables unlimited participation and open access via the web. In addition to traditional course materials like videos and readings, MOOCs … Continue reading

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HR Executive Niche

In a May 2013 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, 98% of HR professionals said “a shortage of skilled workers” will affect the workforce during the next five … Continue reading

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HR “apps” on your mobile device

Mobile device HR applications “apps” are available for use by line managers and human resource practitioners.  For the few that do not have android, iPhone… or do have but do … Continue reading

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HR Audit – my routine check up

I always get this soothing effect after I have carried out my periodic HR Audit.  It’s my routine check-up to assess the health of the HR department and uncover any … Continue reading

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Telecommuting – “Work is something we DO, not a place that we GO”

I look forward to that day when my job will allow me to telecommute, if not full time, at least part-time. Telecommuting or telework is simply a work arrangement in … Continue reading

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TALENT – Where are they hiding?

Talent is currently branding itself on-line. Post your jobs online and advertise on social media:  Today everyone relies on their smartphone, pad, tablet, laptop… Here, they are likely to see your … Continue reading

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Take a second look at that perfect CV!

This is a nightmare for employers.  Physically looking at a Curriculum Vitae and copies of Academic credentials cannot tell you if they are authentic or fake/forged. How do you prove … Continue reading

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Outsourcing HR Transactions

Click image to view details therein. Stop agonizing over whether to outsource HR transactions.  Outsource some administrative tasks to third parties. Why outsource; you do not have the skills and … Continue reading

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Overcoming Leadership, Talent and Staffing challenges

Click below to view my presentation at the Tanzania HR summit 2013: Overcoming Leadership, Talent and Staffing challenges

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The 3rd Annual Tanzania Human Resource Summit 2013

The 3rd Annual Tanzania Human Resource Summit 2013 is in less than 4 weeks. Come along and benefit from the insights of industry leaders including ActionAid International, East Africa Development … Continue reading

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HR Surveys – A must do!

To ensure employees morale is high, productivity is high and retention possible, HR surveys are a must do. Surveys are a strong 2 way communication tool as the results from … Continue reading

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HR Analytics – Validate Human Capital ROI

HR metrics, ratios and statistics have enabled me gauge the effectiveness of the HR departments I have headed and defined HR impact on the bottom line of the organisation. I … Continue reading

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HR continues to leap out of the old school

Some call it an evolution and others a paradigm shift. I will be trendy and call it HR trends. Some of us have seen it all, coming from being personnel … Continue reading

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