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Outsourcing HR Transactions

Outsourcing HRClick image to view details therein.

Stop agonizing over whether to outsource HR transactions.  Outsource some administrative tasks to third parties.

Why outsource; you do not have the skills and the expertise to tackle human resource issues effectively, you want to focus on the core strategic tasks, employee self-service is enhanced through outsourced technology, reduces costs, improves efficiency, access HR expertise and best practices, preserve compliance with the growing complexity of legislative requirements, high business performance.

Outsource what; recruitment, payroll processing, employee benefits administration, mobility and relocation, research and surveys, background checks, workforce analytics, administration of fixed assets/hardware/databases, document center…  Anything transactional can be outsourced.

A case in point; Some HR practitioners do not have the experience to handle certain tasks e.g. Sourcing and deploying skilled staff for international assignments in emerging markets, Expatriate administration, Quickly absorbing thousands of employees from a merger or acquisition and rapidly integrating them into a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform and Localizing payrolls and other HR functions for international organisations under different country labour laws.

Choosing a service provider;  Make sure the outsourced provider uses a combination of technology, has certified personnel, and streamlined processes to more effectively perform the outsourced tasks.

They should be in position to offer an end-to-end HR product that integrates a number of HR transactions, better still integrates HR and Business operations.

Required HR Skills; To manage outsourcing, HR practitioners will have to use their negotiation, contracting, teamwork and interpersonal abilities to source, onboard and manage outsourced partners.  There is need to manage the security of what gets outsourced.


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