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Take a second look at that perfect CV!


This is a nightmare for employers.  Physically looking at a Curriculum Vitae and copies of Academic credentials cannot tell you if they are authentic or fake/forged.

How do you prove that someone has actually worked for a certain number of years, in those particular institutions doing those specific jobs?  Look at an instance where a job seeker decided to “forget” to insert the word Assistant before the word Manager and their CV reflects them as Manager.  How do you confirm their reasons for leaving the previous employers?  How do you prove they are individuals of good moral standing with high levels of integrity…soft skills indicated in their CV?  People nowadays overly exaggerate their attributes.

Cost management strategies usually look at first reducing employee related costs which is a time bomb.  Most employers are not investing in due diligence screening, vetting and background checks on potential recruits’ academic credentials, employment & criminal backgrounds and address verification, among others.   Other areas that appear petty yet actual costs to the company are false information given on dependants’ that are not eligible to all those benefits that will be offered!

Employers:  There is need to outsource vetting and background checks to a reliable firm of good repute.

Employees: If you have fake credentials and overly exaggerated CV’s – you will get caught!


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