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HR “apps” on your mobile device

HR appsMobile device HR applications “apps” are available for use by line managers and human resource practitioners.  For the few that do not have android, iPhone… or do have but do not utilize them fully, this is the time to take the gadgets seriously. HR can now have a competitive edge alongside other business units that have been using apps for longer periods.

While a number of apps are free, other can be bought and you may require licences for some.

These platforms allow users to scan resumes, source and screen candidates  and capture a candidate’s public Internet profile.

Managers can use the app for tasks like approving employee requests for time off.   Employees can view time sheets or work schedules and submit time punches and more.

Some apps are analytical tools designed for line and HR managers to analyze workforce trends using hierarchy-based workforce performance metrics and predictive analytics. The software-as-a-service-based application allows users to visualize and compare managers’ spans of control; study trends in promotions, transfers and new hires; gauge progress toward workforce goals and create manager-specific dashboards.

Under employee development, set, track, and complete goals, privately or shared. Get feedback and peer input, and collect notes and comments for performance reviews. You an also securely store employee evaluations for future reference, and track and rank employee skills company-wide.

Better still you can obtain dictionaries with meanings for commonly used HR terms and magazines with HR articles


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