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focus As Human resource professionals, we hold a leadership position and are accountable most of the time. Over the years, I have learnt the hard way and the following guide my day to day work. I have to be conscious and focused all the time!

Integrity, transparency and empathy should govern HR professional work ethics.
HR work is ongoing therefore there is need to have a daily ‘To do list” to guide priority tasks and ensure timely and quality execution of all tasks.
Compliance to policies and procedures as we execute our tasks cannot be over emphasized.
Knowing the employment laws of the country or region we are operating in is a must do!
Having attention to detail and very strong organizational skills is important, as a lot of different types of paperwork will pass through the HR office.
Open door policy – Employees should not make appointments to see us!
Human resources work involves a lot of interruptions creating workload at any given time.
Timely attendance to the needs and issues of employees is paramount.
Some issues need immediate attention therefore we need to drop what we are doing. Multiskilling is vital for our profession.
We need to be accessible and approachable however we should never be compromised.
Working closely and partnering with other departments should be a daily chore.
Ensuring a good communication and feedback mechanism is in place creates harmony and motivation in the work place.
If there is no union, we must represent employees ably.
Candidates that have applied for various positions should be informed about the pressures that come with the job.
Ensure all employee records are available and up to date. Certify and verify all documentation and information presented.
Focus should be on results not inputs.
Recognition is vital as you get repeat performances by recognition, not rewards,”
Never jump to conclusions, carry out investigations, do background searches and vetting before disciplinary action is taken or employee recruited, as applicable.
We cannot ignore poor performance as it comes with costs however we need to handle it with care. Plans, execution, actual output and work relations should inform our decisions.
Do not “sugarcoat” when communicating poor performance.
Use best practices when developing policies and implementing the same.
Always benchmark your practices with competitors, industry and labour market.
Your human resource statistics, trends, ratios and analytics should inform yours and managements future actions.
Act quickly after a careful decision has been made to terminate an employee.


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