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health sacle
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity – World Health Organisation.

The main purpose of a health wellness program is to promote healthy lifestyles, create awareness and to educate people on better ways to live and function.

Health Wellness Programs

•Health Risk Assessments
•Health Screening & CLinics
•Advisory Services & freferals on:-
Infectious disease prevention & cure
Physical exercise and fitness
Nutritional healthy eating
Weight management and dieting options
Behavioral modification (Smoking, drugs, alcohol, hypertension, diet, cholesterol, diabetes) cessation
Sleep disorders
Self-care and grooming

Some Health Tips for you
•Drink lots of water, Exfoliate your skin, Washing hands matters, Know your blood group, Fight constipation by eating fiber, Keep a genuine smile, Move with your sanitizer.
•Avoid little white lies, Eat your fruits and vegetables daily, Examine your breasts,Recycle, reduce, reuse, Laugh, laugh, laugh, Quit smoking, Relieve stress, Sweat.
•Stop substance abuse, Detox often, Fight insomnia, Avoid alcohol before bed time, Get a medical check yearly, Do your facials, Snoring may be a sleep disorder, Lose excess kilos.
•Exercise and meditate, Avoid fast foods, Do-not self- medicate, Manage yeast infections, Forgive and forget, Listen to motivational music, Enjoy healthy sex, Love yourself.
•Sleep more than 6 hours a night, Attend health screens, Brush your teeth after meals, Nicotine harms sperm, Seek help for eating disorders, Breakfast is a must have meal.
•Stair climbing can give you an excellent work out. Menopause awareness, Clean your house, Go for fish, Prevention is better than cure, enjoy some green tea.



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