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Social Wellness is participating in meaningful relationships with family,friends,colleagues and neighbours; Feeling connected to your community; Belonging to a positive and supportive social network.

You can make willful choices to enchance
•Personal Relationships
•Important Friendships
•Your Community
•The Environment

Embracing Social Wellness
•Live in harmony with fellow human beings.
•Develop healthy relationships with those around you.
•Build a strong social support network.
•Have supportive social networks through meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues and other significant.
•Seek positive, interdependent relationships with others
•Have and receive a socially friendly attitude from people.
•Be aware of, participate in, and feel connected to your community.
•Participate, encourage and contribute to the welfare of the community.
•Care for others and allow others to care for you.
•Commit to a lifetime of volunteerism.
•Take an active role in promoting a healthy living environment.
•Encourage effective communication among community members.
•Seek to preserve the beauty and balance of nature.
•Develop healthy sexual behaviors.
•Work for mutual respect and cooperation among the individuals within a community.
•Have satisfying relationships.
•Develop the capacity for intimacy.
•Watch others’ nonverbal cues and trust your intuition.
•Respect others’ points of view, doesn’t mean you have to agree with them
•Talk to someone new, initiate a conversation with someone you don’t know or only met briefly
•Give tender loving care to somebody in need
•Learn and practice good communication skills.
•Deal with interpersonal conflict in as healthy and respectful manner.
•Practice empathy and effective listening
•Explore diversity by interacting with people of other cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.
•Value time alone and time with other people.
•Join a club or organization that interests you
•Keep yourself informed of local, national, and world news
•Visit new places

social-wellness%20(1)Social Wellness Facts and Tips
•Socially isolated people are more susceptible to illness and have a death rate two to three times higher than those who are not socially isolated.
•Most people feel lonely and isolated during their free time.
•People who maintain their social network and support systems do better under stress.

•Touching, stroking, and hugging can improve health.

•Laughter really is good medicine.

•Cholesterol levels go up when human companionship is lacking.

•Warm, close friendships cause higher levels of immunoglobulin A (an antibody that helps keep away respiratory infections and cavities).

•A strong social network can create a good mood and enhance self-esteem.

•Self-awareness can help with hopelessness, insecurity and fear

•Self-management can help prevent substance abuse, teen pregnancy and bullying

•Social awareness can help with peer pressure and prejudice

•Social management can help address violence and uncertainty


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