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adolescence Adolescence is a stage of human development occurring during puberty to legal adulthood, usually between 13 – 19 years. It is associated with teenage years.It is a transition from childhood to adulthood. Changes can start earlier during Preteen or “tween” years of 9-12. Major puberty biological changes include changes in sex organs, height, weight and muscle mass. This is a period of both disorientation and discovery.

In girls, breasts, curves and prominent hips develop. A major landmark for girls is the onset of menstruation which occurs on average between ages 11 and 13. The age is influenced by heredity but a girl’s diet and lifestyle may contribute as well. A high fat diet will spark off an earlier menstruation.

Girls become more conscious and insecure and may develop eating disorders through dieting if their bodies are developing very fast.

To avoid early sexual experiences and unwanted pregnancies, parents need to guide their girls who will have to deal with sexual advances from older boys before they are emotionally and mentally mature.

In boys, a deeper voice and facial hairs develop. A major landmark of puberty in males is the first ejaculation usually around age 13. Early maturing boys are most likely to be sexually active and likely to participate in risky behaviors. Late maturing boys can be less confident because of poor body image. Boys become more aggressive due to the surge of hormones and need to be controlled.

Parents and Guardians!

Puberty can create psychological or social consequences therefore counseling and guidance is paramount. Talk to your children because it has been proven that children who talk about their feelings are better off and cope well.

Provide your teenagers with literature relating to changes happening in their lives at the time. Information is power.

Due to changes in their bodies making them appear older, society tends to view teenagers as more emotionally advanced and expect them to conform to adult norms, which is very wrong.

Bullying arises if one is taller, stronger or develops physical changes earlier than their peers.

Drug and alcohol abuse is usually exposed to teenagers through peer pressure.


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