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Bullying is the use of force to deliberately harm or humiliate others.  It includes emotional, verbal or physical harassment repeated towards particular individuals.

Bullying can be found in schools, the family, the workplace, prisons and neighborhoods.

Bullying can hurt a person, physically or mentally (depression).  In extreme cases, bullying may lead to death by the bully or suicide by the victim.

Direct bullying involves a great deal of physical aggression such as shoving and poking, throwing things, slapping, choking, punching and kicking, beating, stabbing, pulling hair, scratching, biting, and pinching.

Indirect bullying which is nonviolent behavior in some instances includes name calling, the silent treatment, arguing others into submission, manipulation, gossip, lies, rumors, staring, giggling, laughing at the victim, saying certain words that trigger a reaction from a past event, and mocking.

How do you handle bullying;

        Distance yourself from the bullying

        Exercise self-control

        Say “stop” directly and confidently to the person bullying you

        Report bullying when it happens

Parents, teachers have a role to play in preventing bullying among children;

  • Respond quickly as soon as the bullying has been reported to you.  You will be sending a message across that bullying will not be TOLERATED.
  • Help children understand bullying  by talking about what bullying is and why it is harmful.
  • Let children know how and where to get help.  Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Talk to children often, ask them how their day was and listen to them.  Know their friends, ask about school, and understand their concerns.
  •  Encourage children to do what they love.  Special activities, interests, and hobbies can boost confidence, help children make friends, and protect them from bullying behavior.
  • The bully and victim may need counseling.
  • You may need to switch classes or sitting arrangements or school buses…
  • Model how to treat others with kindness and respect
  • Never tell a child to ignore bullying.
  • Never tell a child to fight back.
  • Parents should resist the urge to directly contact the parents of the bully.  Use a mediator like a teacher.

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