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Child Parent Discussions

child parent discussion Child Parent discussions; The bottom line is: Children who talk about their feelings are much better off. We all know it’s important to talk to our children however, how you do it may well be the key to their success.

Here are a few tips to keep the lines of communication open:

  • Start early. Listen to your child when he is very young. If he learns as a child that you will drop everything and listen, he will continue to talk as he grows up.
  • Make yourself available—even if it’s inconvenient for you. Children may want to talk at the end of the day when you’re exhausted, but don’t miss the chance to communicate.
  • Don’t judge. A child will become defensive when he feels he is being judged. That’s when communication stops.
  • Refrain from interrupting your child; let her talk even when you don’t want to hear what she has to say.
  • If you ask a question, begin with the words like “tell me” or “how.” This encourages a child to be specific and lessens the chance of her shutting down.
  • Don’t get emotional; remain calm. If you have something to say, think beforehand.
  • If your child tells you something shocking, don’t show it. Otherwise, she will stop talking for good.
  • Engage in activities together. Take a walk, run or go to the gym together. Or try a trip to the museum or cultural center.
  • Try a new restaurant and perhaps a new type of food. New experiences will help inspire discussion of all types.
  • Eat dinner together. Children who sit down at the family dinner table three to five times a week are less likely to smoke, drink, and take drugs than kids who dine on their own. They also have better grades and fewer emotional problems.

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