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journaling Journaling is the practice of recording one’s personal experiences, events and emotions. It is a technique used for reducing stress and/or to develop self-awareness/insights into you. It works on the premise that by writing about stressful events or experiences in your life, you self-heal, as well as find solutions. However, this is by no means the only purpose of engaging in the practice of journaling as it can also be keeping a log or record of formal business record.

In today’s world, family and friends are busy and cannot always be around to talk to. You may not find time to go for therapy, counseling…or for others – it’s expensive. This is where your personal journal comes in as it helps you;

Examine your feelings since writing is a great way to focus and articulate or clarify your thoughts and feelings when undergoing challenges. It helps you go inside your mind and discover more about yourself. It helps you examine your feelings in great depth and the result is self-awareness and self-knowledge.

  • Let out feelings through positive thinking or through expressing your anger and frustration. Writing in your journal brings back balance in your life and better understanding of what you are going through. This is self-expression.
  • Brain storm things you’d like to do and can eventually lead you to some fantastic ideas which is exciting and can provide direction.
  • Solve problems since a journal is a great place to find solutions for the problems or questions currently in your life. Jot down these ideas and some will turn out to be great ones.
  • Use your journal to process events e.g. a tragic one as it helps you explore and release emotions.
  • Improve cognitive functions.
  • Create personal development through recording significant lessons.
  • Gain clarity of your thoughts.
  • Verify your progress as you go back to old journals and see how you have progressed.

Journaling makes you feel good. It’s your “ME TIME”!

Are you just starting off? Here are some tips!

  • On a daily, for 20 minutes, write what is going on in general or on specific topics like peace of mind, health, stress, diet, anger management, financial planning…
  • Read literature on challenges you are facing and write down in your journal what catches your eye or what works for you.
  • You journal can house your “to-do-lists”.
  • Record your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals
  • Privacy is key therefore don’t let anyone come across your journal
  • Date every entry, time and surrounding as this makes it interesting when you go through it and realize where you have come from and the progress you have made overtime.
  • Use interesting colored pens to your journal
  • Add art/creativity
  • Ignore spelling and punctuation mistakes as these don’t matter – it’s your personal journal.
  • Your journal is your “Non-judgmental Friend”

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