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Post Vacation Blues

post vacation  Getting into the routine of work, and daily life following vacation can be a slow process – post vacation blues. For those who travel, Post travel depression is very likely to be present.

Symptoms include fatigues, restlessness, sadness, nostalgia, inability to settle and do ones work.

The holiday gives one new ideas and experiences that make them feel they do not want to return to their routine boring life. Worse still some may anticipate looking for new jobs.

  1. Employers should allow employees to slowly get back into the working mood especially in the first week in office.
  2. For those whose workload commences as soon as they report to work, get to work earlier than usual and allow yourself to have some me time before the official working hours.
  3. Planning ones day and entire week will be helpful by prioritizing tasks and delegating others. Organizing oneself will help create the right mindset to settle down quickly.
  4. Start off with the smaller, easier tasks like responding to email backlog or start with the work that interests you.
  5. If you have flexi work time, you can break off early within the first week. 100% focus for 4hrs is better than distraction for 8 hrs!
  6. Fitness enthusiasts should resume their fitness routine gradually.
  7. Ensure you have plenty of rest.
  8. If you have difficulty shifting from vacation to work, next time make sure you have a few days after the vacation to relax at home and get back into the routine mood.
  9. For some people, the longer they wait to get back to work, the harder it is to get back into their routine. They therefore jump right in. Lucky them!

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